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20D471K ZOV

Min. Order: Bulk

Intro: Detailed
1. varistor voltage: 18v~1800v
2. approve: SGS, UL, VDE, CUL,REACH, ROHS
3. diameter: 3mm
4. rated power: 1W
5. resistance: infinite

Zov varistor

Min. Order: 100000 Piece(s)

Intro: Varistor8/20usJAC(V)DC(V)V0.1mAVp(V)lp(A)1(A)2(A)10/1000us2ms(W)1KHZ(pFMYG-07D180K111418(16-20)362.5500250210.022800MYG-07D220K141822(20-24)432.550025021.30.022300MYG-07D270K172227(24-30)532.550025031.60.021800MYG-07D330K202633(30-36)652.550025041.90

zov varistor

Min. Order: 100000 Piece(s)

Intro: Varistor

5.0mm, 7.0mm,

10.0mm, 14.0mm,



Zinc oxide varistor (ZOV)

Min. Order: 10000 Piece(s)

Intro: General vasitor voltage V1mA(V): 8V to 910V (Φ5K11 to Φ5K550) 18V to 910V (Φ7K11 to Φ7K550) 18V to 1,800V (Φ14K11 to Φ14K1000) 18V to 1,800V (Φ20K11 to Φ20K1000)General max. peak current (8/20μs) 1 time: 100A to 400

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